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Top Advantages of Using Multiple Subwoofers

pair of speakersAmong the performance aspect of an audio system is the bass response. Bass response is also among the most challenging aspects to achieve. For a good audio system, the bass should not sound bloated, boomy, flabby, or over-resonant. Without a good bass response from the subwoofers, the listening experience will be ruined irrespective of how good your speakers are.

The ideal bass response should be well-defined, tight, and evenly distributed, enhancing stereo and home audio. Having one subwoofer to cover a spacious room or adjoining rooms may be a bit tricky. If you need to learn how to make a subwoofer box louder, you should consider using multiple subwoofers. Some of the other benefits of using more than one subwoofer are highlighted below.

You Get More Listening Positions

The listener position, relative to the placement of the subwoofer, is what mostly determines the quality of bass. That is why it is common to experience the bass being lean in some areas and over-bearing in others in homes using a single subwoofer. Room resonances are usually the cause of that. Room resonances refer to sound waves from the subwoofer building up in certain areas of the room, which make the bass a bit louder than the peaks. Room resonance may also create some areas where some sound waves cancel each other, which makes the bass to sound weak.

Using multiple subwoofers can help you increase the number of positions from which you can enjoy better bass. The positions will be determined mainly by where you place the subwoofers. Experimenting using the trial and error method is probably the most effective way to discover the best places to place the subwoofers. That is unless you are a sound engineer with the relevant knowledge and time for calculations.

More Bass

In addition to increasing the number of listening positions, using multiple speakers also improves the quality and amount of bass in the room. That is because the higher the number of subwoofers, the less the chances of resonance occurring will be. With strategic placement, it is possible even to cancel all resonance. That means no sound waves will cancel each other. Turning up the volume might help to make the bass louder but will not improve the quality. Adding more subwoofers can do both.quality speakers

Tips For Multiple Subwoofers Placement

If you have two subwoofers, you should try placing them in opposite corners of the room or center of two opposite walls. To place four subwoofers, try one in each corner or one at the center of each wall. Remember to leave enough space between the walls and subwoofers.